Working at IRE - IRE ELiT means…

1.   Being determined to build a better future by contributing to public healthcare and the protection of the environment

A future that gives access to the most effective healthcare thanks to the production of radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine for both diagnostic purposes (screening for cancerous tumours, analysis of the functioning of organs) and therapeutic purposes (treatment of cancers, palliative care). A future in which the protection of the environment is also a priority, thanks to the implementation of technologies for monitoring and measuring the radioisotopes naturally present in the soil, air and water.

2.   Learning and developing as a person

Developing the skills of our staff is a priority. IRE - IRE ELiT is committed to implementing the resources necessary for the training and hiring of qualified personnel. Maintaining a high level of requirement and quality of work, based on the professionalism and expertise of each member of our staff, is essential in the culture of IRE - IRE ELiT.

Thanks to a broad palette of professional experience and training plans, our employees have all the keys to develop their skills and expertise and to thrive in their posts.

3.   Being rewarded and recognized according to your true worth

At IRE - IRE ELiT, we pay special attention to recognizing the real value of individual and collective performance, and to rewarding our employees’ commitment and their contribution to the success of the business.

Our remuneration system incorporates all the financial components, services and benefits available to each employee. It is designed to balance reward for individual performance against the goal of internal fairness while taking account of the local economic environment. We also take care to ensure that there is no pay disparity between men and women occupying similar posts.

4.   Being part of a socially responsible business

We pay great attention to preserving the health of our employees and that of the general public. The well-being of employees and the quality of working life are essential to the success of the business.

We attach great importance to the human dimension of the business. At IRE - IRE ELiT, the staff represent a precious asset rather than a cost. The quality of social relations within the business is crucial, and aims to be based on transparency and mutual respect.

If you are thinking about joining us in a management position, you will also need to share our attitude of setting an example, our conviction that “we start with ourselves”. In other words, we do not ask our co-workers to comply with any instructions that we do not follow to the very letter ourselves.

We put our trust only in partners and suppliers who share our concern for ethics as a priority.

At IRE - IRE ELiT, we continuously monitor safety and security indicators using tools directly integrated in the business’s management system. In addition to rigorous compliance with the procedures checked regularly by the Federal authorities, we have staff who are highly skilled and qualified, fully aware of the issues involved, and continuously trained to ensure optimal safety.

5.   Taking part in the adventure of a human-scale business that is open to the world

With more than 90% of its activities geared towards large-scale exports, and based on its essential values, IRE - IRE ELiT offers its staff an environment that is open to the world and fosters personal development in the innovative healthcare and environment sectors.

By joining IRE - IRE ELiT, you will not only have the pride of being part of a dynamic SME involved in international issues that takes care of other people and the environment, but you will also have many opportunities to develop your skills and progress within our various business areas and activities thanks to the implementation of ambitious, innovative improvement and development projects. You will be given the support and resources needed to obtain the best possible results, and you will be working in a welcoming and stimulating environment where team spirit is paramount, alongside highly committed colleagues.

IRE Elit - Environement and lifescience Technology