RAMSES (Radiological Analysis Monitoring Sampling Equipment Systems) is a new innovative and scalable platform for real-time radiological analysis that includes the following:

  • Spectral acquisition and analysis for live monitoring
  • Automatic drift correction for more autonomy
  • Cumulative measures for better sensitivity
  • An integrated quality module to ensure optimum reliability
  • An integrated watchdog for maximum availability
  • Multi-user connection for better connectivity
  • A multi-equipment system for greater flexibility.

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The RAMSES platform is used in various automatic remote radioactivity monitoring networks in Belgium and abroad (e.g. the Belgian Telerad - AFCN network and the French Hydroteleray - IRSN network).

Our RAMSES Manager supervisor enables centralising the data from various measurement stations that make up a remote monitoring network, thus visualising the radiological and technical status of the entire network in real time and in a single display.

RAMSES has many areas of application:

  • Environmental measurements (gamma spectrometry in the air and in water and ambient dose rate)
  • Liquid and gaseous discharge characterisation
  • Radiation protection of workers
  • Management of sampling equipment. The OASIS system enables automatic everyday aerosol sampling with one week's autonomy. The system automatically alerts the personnel on stand-by if there are any technical problems, generating useful data such as pumping volume.