At the heart of IRE group

Our mission

By bringing nuclear medicine at the service of healthcare, we develop innovative products and services thanks to:

  • A strict requirement for the safety of our patients and staff
  • Constant reliability for every client
  • Expert and committed teams

We protect the population and the environment through our expertise in controlling and measuring radioactivity.


People are at the heart of our work. We are committed to treating every colleague, every partner and every client with consideration and diplomacy in their work, their choices and their expression.


We work towards a healthier and more open world by pooling our skills, mutual assistance and sharing knowledge within IRE - IRE ELiT and with our partners.


At IRE - IRE ELiT, we believe that it is trust that binds us to our partners and clients, and that gives a scope to our Vision. We engage with them to meet the daily challenges of our business.


The nature of our roles requires us to be strict with ourselves in order to interact professionally with our colleagues, partners and clients. At IRE - IRE ELiT, we are constantly striving to improve our individual and collective working procedures.


Every day at IRE - IRE ELiT, through sincere and free exchanges, we build a pleasant working environment, favourable to personal development and in which every colleague has a place.


In the pursuit of our mission, the management and staff of IRE and its subsidiary IRE ELiT are committed to five fundamental values, each of which has been translated into expected attitudes in the organisation of the company.

CEO's welcome word

Welcome to the website of IRE and its subsidiary, IRE ELiT. We hope that you will find everything that you are looking for.

As you will come to see on our website, our two companies are at the crossroads of the Pharmaceutical and Nuclear industries, and while they have indeed grown significantly in the last decade, they have not lost their ‘human’ scale.

Our companies’ reasonable size gives us a number of advantages. It allows us to be agile and flexible, so that we can better serve our customers with extremely lean logistics and production. These strengths make it possible for us to carry out our true mission: helping patients remain healthy. Our size also means that we have to innovate to meet the needs of a constantly changing market in which smaller – and quicker – businesses have to cross the finish line first if they want to succeed.

Lastly, small companies are able to give a deservedly greater role to human and social relationships in their day-to-day work.

But let there be no mistake: any company working in the healthcare industry, regardless of its size, has an obligation to provide products of impeccable quality that are manufactured under exacting conditions. At IRE and IRE ELiT, Quality is our number one priority, as a guarantee of patients’ safety; this goes hand in hand with the Safety of our personnel and the Security of our facilities, which we see as essential principles for our companies.

Since 2010, IRE ELiT has been our vehicle for diversification and a further catalyst for growth, by creating products at the heart of our area of expertise – radioelements – that meet the needs of the medical field in terms of innovation. IRE ELiT is endowed with the same tradition of Excellence as IRE, and we are convinced that it is capable of emerging as a major player in the radiopharmaceutical industry.