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Production de produits radiopharmaceutiques

In order to get closer to the patients’ needs and to strengthen its international role as a major player in nuclear medicine, IRE - IRE ELiT has diversified its activities in the production of radiopharmaceutical products. Thanks to significant investments in cGMP facilities, this policy allows us to perform the purification and sterilization steps required for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (radiochemical products), providing solutions that meet the quality requirements for radiopharmaceutical products. These will, in turn, be administered to patients by specialized practitioners in nuclear medicine for the diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

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Our portfolio of customer-oriented solutions includes radioisotopes for diagnosis or treatment purposes, as well as equipment dedicated to their preparation.

Metabolic therapy consists of giving patients a radioisotope combined with a molecule that will preferentially target the tissue of a tumour in order to destroy it. The specific targeting of tumours helps increase the efficacy of the treatments, while minimizing the unexpected side-effects on healthy tissues. For therapeutic applications, it is preferable to use a short-range radioisotope (beta or alpha particle emitter).

Diagnosis is performed using a similar process, but in this case the goal is to show the metabolic activity or blood perfusion of an organ, to detect the presence of an inflammation or to locate cancerous cells. For diagnostic purposes, it is preferable to use a radioisotope that causes little damage to surrounding tissues (gamma radiation emitter) and can be easily eliminated from the body (through the urine, for example).

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