Radiochemical Products

As an internationally renowned producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in nuclear medicine, we contribute to saving the lives of millions of people every year.

Our Strengths Expand Reduce

Our track record and performance in terms of quality, reliability and safety, unprecedented in the industry, allow the company to be perceived as the most reliable source for the supply of high-quality radioisotopes for medical use. The unparalleled diversity of our sourcing platform (four research reactors) and the outstanding commitment and skills of our employees have proven on many occasions to be the main factors in our performance, particularly when it comes to patient safety and the security of supply of these medical radioisotopes worldwide.
For many consecutive years, we have run our production operations successfully and without interruption, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to secure your supply for the benefit of the health of your patients. We are pleased to share our performance with you and help you to succeed. Your success is our passion.

99Mo Expand Reduce

One of the most important radioisotopes produced on our site is molybdenum-99, the "parent" isotope of metastable technetium-99. In combination with a specific molecule, this isotope can reach the target organ and be visualized by a detection system to allow medical specialists to make reliable diagnoses.

131I Expand Reduce

The radioisotopes that IRE - IRE ELiT produces are also used for therapeutic purposes. Radiotherapy involves selectively irradiating tumour targets (such as bones, certain organs, cells, etc.) to significantly improve the symptoms of the disease being treated, and can increase patient survival rates.

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