Radioactivity analysis

Our laboratory performs radioactivity analyses on a wide variety of sample types. We have equipment, infrastructures and qualified personnel that enable us to measure low-activity samples in optimal conditions. Our analytical methods are ISO 17025 accredited (the accrediting body is BELAC). This management system ensures a reliable service for our customers, as well as perfect reproducibility and high-quality analyses. Moreover, our laboratories also have ISO 14001 certification, testifying to our environmental commitment.

We also offer you the following complementary services on request:

  • Laboratory visit
  • Assistance with results interpretation
  • General information relating to radioactivity

Drinking water Expand Reduce

Our laboratory has the equipment and all analytical methods (ISO 17025 accredited) required by the European Directive laying down requirements for the protection of the health of the general public with regard to radioactive substances in water intended for human consumption.

Biological samples Expand Reduce

The Laboratory of Radioactivity Measurement dedicates itself on a daily basis to protecting workers in the nuclear sector by conducting internal contamination measurements. Our analysis methods ensure the rapid trace detection of alpha, beta and gamma emitters.

Environment Expand Reduce

Drawing on the laboratory’s expertise in radiochemical separation and radioactivity traces measurement, we offer a personalized service that allows radiological monitoring of the environment (water, air, dust, soil, flora, fauna, effluents).

Food chain Expand Reduce

Monitoring the radioactivity of the food chain is also one of our missions.
Our laboratory is recognized by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.
For manufacturers, exporters or importers of products intended for consumption, we can carry out control measurements to ensure the non-radioactivity of your products.

NORM Analyses Expand Reduce

The materials known as NORM (Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials) are naturally radioactive materials for which industrial activities increase the potential for personal exposure to their ionising radiation. NORM materials derive mainly from activities in the energy industry (coal, gas, oil), the mining industry, the recycling industry, etc.

Sampling Expand Reduce

Thanks to our recognized experience in radiological monitoring in Belgium, we have acquired excellent expertise in the taking and preparation of samples. We also have an intervention vehicle equipped with all the necessary devices for sampling and direct measurement of contamination and dose rate, as well as a mobile laboratory that allows rapid analyses in situ.

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