PRESS RELEASE - IRE ELiT launches Galli App, first app in the field of Ga-68

PRESS RELEASE - IRE ELiT launches Galli App, first app in the field of Ga-68

Fleurus, Belgium 16-05-207

IRE ELiT launches Galli App, a unique and dedicated app for the Galli EoTM Gallium-68 generator

 IRE ELiT, the IRE subsidiary specialized in the production of radiopharmaceuticals, has developed its first app, Galli App, which is partly linked to the Galli Eo® generator. This app, for tablets and smartphones, can be downloaded for free to iOS and Android platforms and will be launched on May 15th at the 22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Science in Dresden.

 First app in the field of Ga-68

 This app aims to make easier the work of nuclear medicine practitioners who have chosen to use the Galli Eo®, the 68Germanium / 68Gallium generator developed by the IRE ELiT, which is a huge step forward for the availability and use of Gallium-68 in the radiopharmacies.

 This app will give access to all the generator’s parameters for its entire operating lifetime: residual activity, number of elutions carried out... and enable to calculate in real-time the activity and yield of the elutions and labelings. Galli App also tracks the history of elutions just like a logbook. and makes all the technical documents of the generator readily available.

 When clients order a Galli Eo® generator, they will receive a batch number and can record information in the downloaded app.

 This next-generation of Ga-68 generator has three major benefits:

  • User-friendly design.

  • Cheaper solution.

  • Optimal monitoring via the Galli App.

 Galli EoTM is currently used in clinical protocols in European university hospitals with which the IRE-ELiT works very closely (VUB Brussel, UCL Bruxelles, CHU Grenoble, CHU Bordeaux, Nuklearmedizin Spitalerhof Hamburg…). It also benefits from the status of Medicine for Clinical Trials for research centres. Marketing Authorization has been submitted at the end of last year.

  About NM

Nuclear Medicine was introduced shortly after radioactivity was discovered. After 50 years of experience and practice, today nuclear medicine plays a key role in the evolution of medicine, in both diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

 About 68 Ge / the Ga 68 generator

The Germanium-68/Gallium-68 generator is a device used to extract the positron-emitting isotope of Gallium-68 from a source of decaying Germanium-68 used for diagnostic procedures. Its major application domain is oncology, where development and availability of new Ga-68agents, like prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) for prostate cancer detection, have increased drastically during last years.

 About IRE – IRE ELiT

IRE or the Institute of Radioelements is a non-profit foundation, whose main activity is the production of radio-isotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of nuclear medicine. These products are the active agents in many radiopharmaceutical medicines. IRE ELiT, the IRE subsidiary, produces several radiopharmaceutical derivatives used in the treatment of certain cancers and palliative care. IRE ELiT, in addition to its production activities, contributes to the protection of the environment via its services for measurement of radioactivity in various samples, the radiological characterisation of waste and contaminated elements, consultancy and technical assistance projects in the radiological and nuclear fields, and the dismantling of sealed radioactive sources. Each year, over 6 million nuclear medicine examinations are carried out using medical radio-isotopes produced by IRE.

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