IRE is proud to announce a partnership with ASML!

IRE is proud to announce a partnership with ASML!

IRE is proud to announce a partnership with ASML to further develop a new, non-fission production method for medical isotopes such as Mo-99/Tc-99m. This partnership has resulted in the start of the LightHouse Isotopes BV, an ambitious initiative for the development of a promising alternative production method for a sustainable long term supply of Mo-99.

The LightHouse Isotopes project originates from ASML, a Dutch manufacturer of lithography machines for the semiconductor industry. In the course of ASML’s research into a possible future light source for its new chip machines, an idea emerged that a high-energy electrons-beam might also be used to generate the medical isotope Mo-99/Tc-99.  After a feasibility study, ASML has decided to continue the project outside its organization with external partners as it is too far removed from its core business. IRE, world leader in the radio-isotope market, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that is complementary to the ASML contribution.  

The LightHouse project will enter the next phase and a further in depth study of this alternative Mo-99 production method will be conducted, where ASML will provide experts who will take up the technical management and IRE will bring in its experience in the isotope market and its expert knowledge of production and processing of medical isotopes, as well as a financial contribution.

IRE will inform its stakeholders in due time of the progress of the LightHouse project. Through this project, it is the ambition of IRE to ensure long term supply while maintaining the quality and service level required to meet the needs of the patients and to continue to serve our valued customers.

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