Jean-Michel VANDERHOFSTADT, Directeur Général

CEO’s welcome word

Welcome to the website of IRE and its subsidiary, IRE ELiT. We hope that you will find everything that you are looking for.

As you will come to see on our website, our two companies are at the crossroads of the Pharmaceutical and Nuclear industries, and while they have indeed grown significantly in the last decade, they have not lost their ‘human’ scale.

Our companies’ reasonable size gives us a number of advantages. It allows us to be agile and flexible, so that we can better serve our customers with extremely lean logistics and production. These strengths make it possible for us to carry out our true mission: helping patients remain healthy. Our size also means that we have to innovate to meet the needs of a constantly changing market in which smaller – and quicker – businesses have to cross the finish line first if they want to succeed.

Lastly, small companies are able to give a deservedly greater role to human and social relationships in their day-to-day work.

But let there be no mistake: any company working in the healthcare industry, regardless of its size, has an obligation to provide products of impeccable quality that are manufactured under exacting conditions. At IRE and IRE ELiT, Quality is our number one priority, as a guarantee of patients’ safety; this goes hand in hand with the Safety of our personnel and the Security of our facilities, which we see as essential principles for our companies.

Since 2010, IRE ELiT has been our vehicle for diversification and a further catalyst for growth, by creating products at the heart of our area of expertise – radioelements – that meet the needs of the medical field in terms of innovation. IRE ELiT is endowed with the same tradition of Excellence as IRE, and we are convinced that it is capable of emerging as a major player in the radiopharmaceutical industry.



Our mission

L’Institut National des Radioéléments (IRE) (National Institute for Radioelements), with its subsidiary IRE ELiT, is an internationally recognized company, focused on the development and marketing of innovative services devoted to human healthcare and protection of the environment.

Our values

S'investir : compétence, responsabilité, partenariat, esprit d'équipe, innovation

In pursuing our mission, the management and personnel of IRE and its subsidiary IRE ELiT are committed to abiding by five key values that have each been broken down into attitudes and behaviours which are the references in the company’s organization.

Responsibility Expand Reduce

A robust safety/security culture combined with a high quality culture are at the heart of our concerns at IRE - IRE ELiT.

The IRE - IRE ELiT pairing works simultaneously in the nuclear, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors.

We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that we give top priority at all times to safety/security, quality and the environment, in all the actions taken within the company and in all the decisions we make.

This means that achieving production, economic and financial objectives, as well as adhering to objectives within projects, takes a second place in our priorities and choices, after safety and quality.

This value expresses our duty and desire to protect, as a priority, the health and safety of our personnel, the local population and the patients who will benefit from IRE - IRE ELiT products, as well as to protect our planet’s environment as a whole.

The management of IRE - IRE ELiT assumes responsibility for organizing the company with this goal in mind.

The Management Systems of IRE - IRE ELiT ensure that this responsibility is shared and remains constant over time. These systems organize activities through policies, procedures and instructions relating to Quality and Safety/Security. In the same spirit, an Environmental Policy and an Environmental Management System are currently being developed.

The attitudes that must be adopted within IRE - IRE ELiT in order to fulfil this value are as follows:

  • Being rigorous
  • Fulfilling commitments
  • Playing a personal role in all matters related to safety, security and quality
  • Setting oneself as an example
  • Being respectful of the organization

Competence Expand Reduce

Developing the skills of our staff is a priority. IRE - IRE ELiT is committed to implementing the resources necessary for the training and hiring of qualified personnel.
Maintaining a high level of requirement and quality of work, based on the professionalism and expertise of each member of our staff, is essential in the culture of IRE - IRE ELiT.

IRE - IRE ELiT checks that the skills required are appropriate at all times to the company’s needs and to the fulfilment of objectives in terms of responsibility.

The attitudes that must be adopted within IRE - IRE ELiT in order to fulfil this value are as follows:

  • Developing critical and questioning behaviour and thinking
  • Challenging the processes and reviewing their effectiveness
  • Training others and being regularly trained

Team spirit Expand Reduce

At IRE - IRE ELiT, team spirit between colleagues is a fundamental value that is essential to the fulfilment of the company’s missions with the highest safety and quality levels. This collective approach at work is essential both in the everyday management of radioisotope production processes and in the implementation of environmental control activities.

Moreover, IRE - IRE ELiT manages a significant number of structured projects and multidisciplinary improvement action plans where teamwork is essential to the achievement of objectives with the required level of quality.

The company highly values the human dimension, where loyalty and cooperation between staff members are paramount and where each person’s role is of equal importance, regardless of the hierarchical level.
The company therefore also pays special attention to the quality of social relations within the company.

The attitudes that must be adopted within IRE - IRE ELiT in order to fulfil this value are as follows:

  • Being loyal
  • Cooperating
  • Being open to others
  • Developing a positive inner attitude
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Partnership Expand Reduce

In its relations with outside partners, IRE - IRE ELiT aims to create long-lasting and quality relationships based on high levels of ethics and loyalty. This “customer-focused and ethics-oriented” dimension is key to adhering to its vision of internationally recognized excellence.

This value derives in particular from the IRE’s nature as a public utility foundation, which means that the company and its subsidiaries act in an efficient and professional manner, with a high reactivity that is not driven only by commercial or purely financial or productive imperatives.

The attitudes that must be adopted within IRE - IRE ELiT in order to fulfil this value are as follows:

  • Being loyal
  • Learning to constantly adapt ourselves
  • Being customer-oriented
  • Being reliable in all our actions and commitments

Innovation Expand Reduce

In order to achieve and maintain its objectives, IRE - IRE ELiT must constantly innovate. This is why the company invests a substantial portion of its resources in Research and Development, both for its products and for the services offered. Innovation also concerns the technology used and the company’s own operating processes.

Technological developments in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy offer huge potential for IRE - IRE ELiT. This is a sector in which the company wishes to position itself and take an active part in scientific and medical development. The same applies to the environmental sector.
Innovation and creativity also affect all processes in the company. Initiative must be fostered and valued at all levels of the organization, provided it is integrated within the management systems controlling safety/security, quality and the environment.
This is the driving force behind the company’s development. Together with the other values, it will ensure that the company endures.

The attitudes that must be adopted within IRE - IRE ELiT in order to fulfil this value are as follows:

  • Being creative
  • Daring to take initiative and propose new solutions
  • Anticipating
  • Being connected, networking
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